Metallkraft 300HAF Bandsaw

Metallkraft 300HAF Bandsaw

BMBS 300 x 320 HA-DG-F

Made in Europe, robust twin mitre semi automatic metal band saw , it is designed for straight cuts and angle cuts ,angle cuts are possible from 0 to 60 degrees right and 0 to 45 degrees left .
Thanks to its very robust construction it is suitable for cutting a wide range of materials including tool steels and stainless steels as well as profiles and solid materials.

Extremely robust construction
Mitsubishi 7" touch screen
Mitsubishi electrical components
Variable speed control
Hydraulic adjustable down feed
Hydraulic vice clamping
Hydraulic up / down of saw bow
Automatic guide arm height sensor ( saw bow return height)
Blade tension and open guard indicator
Twin mitre
Automatic stop of hydraulic system when machine not in use
Coolant system
Swarf brush

Function of semi automatic
Vice closes activating motor
Saw bow comes down to cut
Motor stops and saw bow rises to return position
Vice opens

( you can change the way the saw functions with a simple program in the touch screen control )

Capacities and Specifications Unit:

Technical specification
Round at 0 degree 300 mm
Round section \ 45 degree 300 mm
Round section / 45 degree 280 mm
Round section \ 60 degree 200 mm
Rectangular at 0 degree 320 x 300 mm
Rectangular \ 45 degree 305 x 250 mm
Rectangular / 45 degree 265 x 200 mm
Rectangular \ 60 degree 200 x 200 mm
Round Solid at 0 degree 180mm
Control PLC Mitsubishi
Lifting bow Hydraulic
Feed Hydraulic adjustable
Speed Variable speed 20 to100 m/min
Vice clamping Hydraulic
Coolant Equipment Yes
Swarf brush Yes
Cutting angle - 0 to 60 degree / + 45 degree
Saw band dimensions 3660 x 27
Working height of vice 800 mm