IW-80S Steelworker

IW-80S Steelworker

80 ton hydraulic steelworker

The double cylinder "S/SD" series are in the Sunrise tradition of well engineered ironworkers built for high power, quality, and reliability. These ironworkers have two control foot paddles, and separate operations can be safely performed simultaneously. The low pressure setting for tool change provides maximum operation safety. The long punching cylinder stroke and deep throat enable mounting a wide range of special equipment. The large punching base with the "T-slot" fixing provide a solid base for securing the punching tooling, as well as a wide range of optional and custom designed tooling.

Capacities and Specifications Unit: mm

Punching Pressure 80 Ton
Punch Capacity 26 x 22
(Diameter x Thickness) 50 x 12
Throat Depth 310
Channel Flange Punch (Height) 180
Max. Stroke Length 100
Cycles / Min. (20mm stroke) 29
Working Height Up to Die 1050
At 90 Shearing 152 x 152 x 13
At 45 Miter Shearing 80 x 80 x 10
Working Height 1165
Flat Bar Shearing 460 x 15
(Width x Thickness) 300 x 20
Blade Length 465
Angle Flange Trim 100
Working Height 926
Round Bar Shear 45
Square Bar Shear 45 x 45
Channel Shear 152*
I Beams Shear 152*
Working Height 1270
Rectangular Notcher (WxDxT) 50.8 x 90 x 12
Vee-Notcher (Side x Side x T) 90 x 90 x12*
Working Height 926
Large V-Notcher (Side x Side x T) 145 x145 x 10*
Single Vee Press Brake (W x T) 250 x 15*
Multi Vee Press Brake (W x T) 500 x 5*
Angle Bending 102 x 8*
Pipe Notching 100*
Electric Power (HP) 10 HP
Net Weight (Apr.) 2180 kg
Gross Weight (Apr.) 2360 kg
Machine Dimension (Apr.) (L x W x H) 1830x820x1760
Packing Dimension (Apr.) (L x W x H) 2100x980x2040

* optional tooling. Note: Based on material strength of 45kg/mm2 tensile.